We are so excited to announce our NEW ARRIVALS this week!

Amazing leather tote bags, handbags, classic shopping tote, transparent clutch bags, lego designer clutches and more!
These gorgeous new leather bags, are made from beautiful lush leather, designed to be comfortable, stylish and affordable.

– The Leather Love tote, a leather tote bag available in many colors, a relaxed leather handbag, perfect for everyday!
– Then theres the Hello Sailor Bucket Tote, a fashionable classic design, that comes with two straps so you can either throw it over your shoulder or around your body!
– The Metallic Alannah Tote, a fav in the office. A beautiful metallic leather tote bag, with a removable bag insert. A great shape and style, and will add a little color and glam to any outfit!
– The classic Wave Shopping Tote. A Classy and stylish, timeless leather handbag that you can use any day of the week. Available in some beautiful bright colors, these babies are a fav this Spring!

And then there’s our new clutch range! The gorgeous Classic Transparent clutches, AND the Lego Designer Clutch bag. Runway style at your finger tips. We have the perfect evening bags, and clutch bags for any occasion, so dont wait any longer! Shop our NEW ARRIVALS NOW!




If you are going out and putting on your best outfit, heels and all, then every girl needs a clutch. Besides heels, a clutch bag is the other most important feature of an outfit, besides the dress of course. But the accessories, and the perfect clutch, add just the right touch to any glammed up look. Every girl needs somewhere to put her essentials, whether it is a small clutch, large clutch, acrylic clutch, crystal clutch or leather clutch..they are ALWAYS needed.

Paris fashion week is in full swing and so is Spring Racing, right here in Australia. In both of these massive events, you’ll see all the best, strut their stuff with a glamorous clutch by their side. A clutch bag is a necessity and such and also an essential piece of fashion. With their popularity and wide range of designs growing everyday, everyone is after the latest clutch design.

The latest trend, that is still evolving, is the transparent clutch trend, acrylic clutches in all different transparent colors, sizes and designs. Whilst looking like you’re fresh off the runway, you also have the option of baring your secrets, and showing off your latest lipstick or mascara through the clutch or lots of the latest designs come with inner pockets, so you can keep some of your secrets to yourself!

We have multiple acrylic clutch designs available at right now, glitter infused, classic clear and even diamond shaped, and are very exciting as we have a whole new range about to arrive!

So keep an eye out and do yourself a favour and buy your first acrylic clutch online now.

Spring Racing time!


It’s almost that time! Our favourite time of year to dress up and flaunt our stuff at the races! It’s all about the perfect jewellery, clutches, bags, accessories and heels. If you’re going to match your shoes to your dress, or you shoes to your clutch, if your going to go with crystals or leather, big or small? At Niclaire, we have heaps of options, so take a look through and imagine yourself all dressed up and ready to go.

Every girl needs a clutch bag to put her makeup and phone in! So just decide whether you want a hand held clutch, knuckle clutch or a clutch bag with a long strap. (If you plan on having your hands full with wine & champagne!) Then you need to decide the size of the clutch bag that you need, small, medium or large, we have many options!

And lastly, the most important of course…the design. Will you go with a crystal clutch? A leather clutch? or maybe a knuckle clutch. With sooooo many options, you’ll be sure to find something at Niclaire!

Then theres the heels. Super high heels, or low platform heels, that will keep you elegant and comfortable all the same time? Peep toe heels or classic pump heels? In loads of different colours, we have many options! Maybe you want to match your heels to your clutch? Or even find a pair of ballet flats that you can sneak into half way through the day 😉

And last but not least, the jewellery. We love to take elements from the rest of our outfit, and bring them out even more with a glistening piece of jewellery. For example if your using a Crystal Clutch Bag, why not take a look at our crystal bracelets, or crystal collar necklaces. If your using a Shining Satin clutch, maybe you want some pearl earrings to match? Rings, bracelets, necklaces, its all right here!

So don’t leave it to the last minute…find your perfect Spring Racing outfit now!

Our fav looks of the week! 26th September 2013


Our favourite looks this week are inspired by Spring and of course Spring Racing Season! These 6 outfits are 6 of our favourites, bursting with color and style, these 6 styles will be sure to make you stand out in a crowd! Accented with gorgeous crystal clutches, acrylic clutches, animal print hard case clutches, leather clutches, patent leather heels, suede leather heels and crystal iphone cases, these accessories put the cherry on top of these hot outfits. So take a look and get inspired! Shop clutches, heels and accessories now, right here.

Our first look is the Nude Nancy look, a beautiful sweet heart look, a lot of nudes and neutrals. Featuring the Crystal embellished hard case clutch by Niclaire, and the gorgeous Nude Patent leather heels by Niclaire. A great elegant and classic look for the races!

Next is our grape girl look, purple infused chic look, featuring the very popular square acrylic clutch. A gorgeous, perfect sized clutch bag, with a classic gold frame and clasp. Paired with the black patent pumps, this look is TDF.

Then there’s Aqua Ally! A fun and bold look, featuring the versatile leather clutch bag in croc embossed leather, which you can also add a wrist strap or long crossbody bag strap too when you need your hands free! Big enough to hold all of your essentials but small enough that it doesn’t get in the way. Available in so many lush colors, a must have this season!

Next is Pure Purple. Elegant and classic yet fun and chic! A gorgeous, sophisticated look for the races paired with a staple pair of leather heels and a gorgeous hard case clutch. A knuckle clutch that is easy to have in your hand or by your side!

Then theres the electric blue baby. A gorgeous combo of a classic leather clutch and a beautiful pair of black versatile low heels. These heels are a low heel, with a hidden platform. So they’ll give you the same height but with extra comfort! And this leather clutch can be worn around your hand or on your shoulder, a great size and great colour!

Last but not least, there is our Races Red look. Stylish and chic, and a little bit sexy. This look will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. A gorgeous pop of red, accessorised with a red acrylic clutch and an amazing pair of leather pumps!

So there are this weeks favs! Have a look around and find your perfect races look right here at

OUR FAV LOOKS OF THE WEEK – 19th September 2013


This weeks favourite looks are inspired by good times! Its thursday and we are already looking forward to the weekend! Friends, dancing, champagne, and sunny sundays. So we’ve put together 5 gorgeous outfits with stunning accessories, that just top off the whole look! Gorgeous acrylic clutch bags, leather handbags, leather heels, crystal iphone cases & more!

Our first look is the Shine On look, a glitzy glamorous look, perfect for a night out dancing! Featuring the gorgeous acrylic clutch, black transparent, with glitter transfused into it! A gorgeous diamond shape and a beautiful gold clasp. Perfection in a bag! And of course, matched with the Patent leather heels, the perfect pair of comfortable heels, classy & hot!

Then there’s our Midnight Beauty look, again, another great outfit for a hot date night or an elegant outing. Featuring the best seller Transparent Acrylic clutch bag! So classy and stylish, everyone will be asking where you bought that beauty. Matched with the classic leather heels, and dazzling crystal iPhone case, this look is definitely a winner!

Flower Child! A fun and cheery look, perfectly suited to this beautiful sydney weather. Accented with this gorgeous soft leather handbag. Definitely a fav of ours at the office, this gorgeous leather handbag is one of a kind. With the option of a longer strap, you can keep this close by your side at any time of day!

Rock n’ Roll baby! This is a bold and beautiful rock n’ roll inspired look! Featuring the gorgeous classic red leather handbag and the patent leather heels. A perfect size for an everyday handbag! and heels that are comfortable and stylish all at the same time.

And last but definitely not least! Fashionista, a gorgeous, sophisticated look featuring the very popular Metallic leather bucket tote bag, and the leather pumps by Niclaire! A gorgeous strong look, and a handbag that will last for years. Oversized yet totally practical (for us ladies) big enough to hold everything you need, and compliment almost any outfit!

So thats a wrap, they are our fav looks of the week!

LOOKS OF THE WEEK! (September 12th 2013)


It’s warming up in sunny Sydney! The sun is shining and as always its inspiring our outfits to be more colourful and fun. Winter is over, its a new season, Spring is here, and we are excited!

Take a look at our ‘Looks of the Week’ for this week! All bright and bubbly, featuring gorgeous clutch bags, leather handbags, hot hot heels, and stylin’ ballet flats.

A mix of fun bright leathers, floral patterns, animal print and a variety of shapes and sizes!

We’ve got the Sunburst look, with the amazing Leather clutch bag and black patent leather heels, a fun and stylish look, whether you’re out for a day at the races, or off to dinner! The Leather Safari clutch is a fav of ours, and is much more than just a clutch! This baby can be used as a clutch bag or you can simply attach the included strap and sling it over your shoulder for the perfect sized shoulder bag.

Then theres the Spicy Python look, featuring the Python print Hard Case Clutch Bag and the Suede Black heels. Great accessories to spice up an evening outfit. A great sized clutch bag that will hold all your essentials, and play a big part in your style!

Next is our Beach Babe look. A bright coloured leather handbag, matched with the gorgeous leather Skull Point ballet flats. A fun look for a day in the sun, at the beach, or shopping up a storm! This tote bag is a great size for everyday, beautiful embossed leather, with a longer adjustable strap available if you need to take a little weight off your shoulders at the end of the day!

Then theres the Fun floral look, a sweet heart look featuring the Floral Leather Messenger satchel, and the Nude patent heels. This satchel is a great size to sling around your body, for a day out!

And last but definitely not least, the bright and bursting Sunny Summer look, featuring the Leather studded Clutch Bag, clutch this baby in your hand, or attach the long strap to wear it over your shoulder. A bright and fun bag, that will bring a little to your outfit of the day. Made with gorgeous soft leather, and gold studs for a bit of edge!

Shop all of these stunning items right now! And keep an eye for our new range coming soon 🙂

OUR EBAY GUIDE TO: How To Pick The Right Bag For Any Occasion!

 Sometimes choosing an outfit can take hours, whether you have a special event to attend, a work function or even just a day out with friends, a girl’s bag is not just something you throw on. A handbag is every bit as important as the rest of the outfit itself, hence why most of us girls have about a million of them in our wardrobes! And there are so many different types!

So this is why we have created this little guide to help you find the perfect handbag for your occasion! Learn how to find exactly the right bag for your occasion online, within your price bracket! There are so many options and so many places to purchase handbags these days, so keep reading and let us help you along the way!


First you need to know exactly where you’re going and what the occasion is. Is it a casual kind of day, smart casual, a work function, elegant/formal, or a party? Also, you need to think about the role your handbag will play on this occasion. Sounds silly but if its a big event where you want your hands free but don’t want to leave your belongings far away, then maybe you need a clutch that can be worn as a shoulder bag as well, or if you’re going on big day of shopping then maybe you need a handbag that also has the ability to convert into a crossbody bag, so that you can relieve some of that weight after a big day! Or maybe you’re travelling and don’t know what the day ahead will involve, so you need something that is really versatile! Eg. A Niclaire Convertible bag, a backpack, shoulder bag, and handbag all in one.

Types of Bags:

Shoulder Bag

A bag that is worn over the shoulder. They come in all different sizes and shapes, and can be found in all sorts of material. Leather, vinyl, canvas etc. Usually a leather bag will be more durable, they will generally be a bit more expensive, but definitely higher in quality and will last a lot longer. Leather bags can be simple and very elegant, or fun and quite quirky. Then there is vinyl, which generally has a lot of the same designs as leather bags, but are a bit cheaper. And then there are materials like Canvas or Polyester which you can find that are a lot more casual but be perfectly suited to your day out!

Satchel/Crossbody Bag

These bags are generally worn across the body or hung low on your shoulder. If you are commuting to work, or just want your hands free, these bags can be very handy. Available in all sorts of materials, these can be great worn across the body, if you are travelling as well, so you can keep your valuables close at all times.

Overnighter Bags

These are generally larger, oversized bags. Some women use these as their everyday bags if they just like carrying their whole lives around! (Which many do) But they can also hold quite a lot. Whether you need to hold your laptop on your way to work, or need to throw in a spare set of clothes, these bags are perfect and very on trend!

Backpack Bags

Everyone in their life time has worn a backpack at some stage, and they are sometimes underestimated. Some people think school bag when they see the word backpack, but there are so many different styles available these days, they can be just as fashionable as the latest Gucci. Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, backpacks are great for travelling, a big day out, a picnic in the park, a busy mum and much more!

Clutch Bags

Clutch bags are a favourite when a girl has somewhere special to go. Whether its a hot date, an elegant wedding, a work function or just a night out on the town, clutch bags can definitely be a highlight of an outfit. From casual to quite glamorous, there are so many different designs and so many different styles to choose from. Acrylic clutches, crystal clutches, casual clutches, leather clutches and so much more. Some clutches are purely hand held, or you can get some that come with the option of a longer extra strap, for when you want your valuables close but have your hands full with champagne!

Choosing a Handbag:

First you need to evaluate the situation. How much do you need to carry at this event? How formal is the outfit you are wearing? And what colour is the rest of your outfit?

A handbag can often put the perfect accent on an outfit, or even be the hero of an outfit, for example a gorgeous crystal clutch, that puts the perfect finishing touch on a special occasion outfit. A lot of women love matching their shoes to their bag, or sometimes there bag can be the standout, for example a simple black dress and heels, can be transformed into something dazzling with a glamourous clutch or vibrant leather handbag.

 Think about your bag as another part of your outfit, a handbag can make or break the perfect outfit!

How to search for the right bag on ebay:

Think about what element you definitely know you are looking for. If you definitely want a leather handbag, type in “Genuine leather” or if you know that you want a clutch, but need something a bit special, type in “evening clutch” or “crystal clutch” try to pin point some specifics and it will make your search easier!

Once you’ve found something that has caught your eye, make sure you check the measurements of the bag. Pictures online can be deceiving, and you want to be able to imagine exactly how big it will. Also, if you are a bit weary, check the stores return policy, then if you are not completely happy with your purchase, you can swap it for something else.


A handbag can really add something special to an outfit, so don’t neglect it and settle for any old bag. Whether you want your bag to make a statement or you just want a beautiful subtle and durable bag that will be quite versatile, you will definitely lots of options online! So have a think before you buy your next bag, and break it down to what you want out of your bag!

And remember a women can never have too many handbags.

Our Fav Looks Of the week! 8/8/13

Well Black is back and in a BIG way. Black and white colour blocking is trending right and Niclaire is loving it! Editorials, magazines and the runway are beaming with stunning Black and White outfits, accessorised with Black leather pumps, dazzling White Crystal Clutches, Black Acrylic clutches, Black leather ladies handbags & gorgeous classic leather handbags.

This week we are ALSO loving colourful, fun scarves, silk scarves and winter scarves matched with classic leather handbags. Shoulder bags, tote bags, or crossbody bags, you can ALWAYS add a scarf to break it up a little! Featuring our gorgeous Metallic leather shopping tote, with a beautiful blue accented scarf, our gold metallic classic handbag with our stunning floral scarf, our to-die-for crystal clutches, satin clutches and Acrylic clutch bags, all part of this week’s favourite looks!

If you want to spice up your wardrobe with beautiful, timeless, great quality pieces, it is all about accessorising. And at Niclaire we have you covered, with all the latest trends, colours and styles. So take a look and get your weekly hit of our favs!

Fav looks of the week! 1st Aug ’13

Whether you are going for a casual day of shopping, a night out with the girls, or a hot date with your special someone, every girl needs the perfect bag to go with her, and we definitely have you covered! Have a look at our fav looks of the week, featuring some of our favourite Niclaire leather handbags, Clutch bags, Hobo bags & Acrylic Clutches!

– The Python Print Leather handbag, a great everyday handbag, that adds a little character to any outfit! A great leather handbag that will fit all your daily essentials. Dress it up or dress it down, its made from beautiful lush leather & sturdy hardware. This baby will definitely give your friends handbag envy!

– The Glitter Diva Clutch Bag in Red & Black. These clutches are so stylish and on trend right now, everyone is after one! Made from Acrylic, these transparent glitter clutches will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. The perfect clutch bag, to glam up a gorgeous outfit.

– The Metallic Leather Shopping Tote, a great all rounder handbag. An essential for every lady. Oversized and so roomy, perfect for every girls needs! Made from lush smooth leather, this shopping tote is definitely one of our favourites and a best seller!

– The Embossed Croc Skin Leather Handbag, is a fun and practical handbag. Convertible so that you can wear it more than one way, it is definitely great value for money. Stylish and available in a wide range of colours, this leather handbag, is definitely one for the collection.

– The Timeless Ladies Handbag is a simple yet elegant design. Made from shiny smooth leather, a great everyday handbag.

– The Shining Satin Clutch & The Crystal Hearts clutch are both so stunning. The perfect clutch bag, for any special occasion, this clutch will not just hold all of your essentials for that special night, but also be a key piece of your dazzling outfit!

Have a look around, and shop your favourite look right now!