Summer Lovin! Our favourite Summer Trends, Summer Smoothie & how you can score yourself a Summer Freebie!

So its officially Summer. A time when we all start heading to the beach, smiling a little more, wearing brighter colours and start getting bitten by mosquitos! Regardless of the mozzies, Summer is our favourite time of year at Niclaire, and this weeks blog post is all about Summer. We may be a fashion blog but who doesnt love summer smoothies and summer freebies?!

So first off, the trends. As soon as summer hits, all the bright colours and swimmers come out and some of us even change our hair to go with this beautiful weather. Bright accessories are a huge trend in Summer and a great way to brighten up your wardrobe, and spice some old winter outfits with a simple clutch or handbag!
Clutch bag, Handbag, shoulder bag, heels, flats, phone covers – you can’t go wrong with a bright coloured accessory like this. You can either go with quite a neutral outfit, and then accessorise with a bright coloured handbag or tote bag or you can mix and match! You could even match your bright purple pumps, to your bright purple leather tote. We have a huge selection of  great coloured women’s accessories, so why not try something new and bold this summer? If you can’t be bold in summer then when will you be?!

If you ARE looking for a bright new coloured handbag, tote bag, clutch bag, or even pair of heels, check out right now. In our latest ‘Lost In Love’ Collection, we introduced some great bright colours into our ladies leather handbags and designed some unforgettable leather tote bags. Also, if your heading out, for a night of fun, we have some bright coloured clutches that will keep it classy, but give you a bit of colour and pop in your outfit!



Then, there’s the jewellery..big chunky, bold jewellery is back in. Gold bangle bracelets, big chunky gold women’s necklaces and statement jewellery. Take a look below..
We have a range of beautiful bold jewellery at Niclaire that is also affordable! Women’s bracelets, necklaces, earrings and so much more.


NOW..we have a summer treat for you. We have just launched our ‘Summer Lovin’ contest in the summer spirit and are giving all of our gorgeous customers to walk away with a $150 Niclaire voucher to spoil yourself at – its free to enter – so dont wait! Buy yourself the leather handbag you’ve been dreamin of 😉

And last of all, we had to share this delicious recipe with you. At the end of the day, after a big day of photographing, editing & talking to all of our lovely customers about clutch bags, handbags and heels, this is how we like to cool down and relax, with a big glass of one of these babies.
Much love, and handbags,
Niclaire xxx



Celebrity Style Clutch Bags!






This week its all about CELEB STYLE!
If you are anything like the rest of us girls at Niclaire, you LOVE a bit of celeb style/inspiration. All of those gorgeous actresses and models with endless amounts of money and resources always look TO DIE FOR, and we cant help but dream!

We at Niclaire definitely do our research and before we design our handbags, clutches, heels and accessories, we like to look at what inspires us. All the latest trends of the runway, red carpet, our beautiful customers and our beautiful country! We like to find out exactly what YOU are looking for, and also love getting inspiration by all the latest trends. This week we are focusing on our gorgeous clutch range. Evening bag, clutch bag, acrylic clutch, crystal clutch, knuckle clutch…whatever you wanna call it, a ladies clutch bag is MUCH more than just an accessory. As you’ll see on the red carpet, the clutches are very thought out and always tied in with the gorgeous gowns and outfits.

Women’s bags online, can be hard to find, hard to troll through and find exactly what you are looking for. We at Niclaire try to give you a variety of designs, shapes and sizes for every girl out there all in the one online fashion store.

A few tips to help style your clutch to your evening outfit:

– Pick a colour from your outfit and match this colour with your clutch bag.
For example, if you are wearing a black dress with a red belt, why not go for a red evening clutch to bring a bit more colour to your outfit? This will make your clutch pop and also tie in very well.

– Match your clutch to your shoes.
Maybe you’re wearing a purple dress, but have decided on some patent black leather heels, why not go with a black clutch? Then your heels won’t be all on their lonesome and the clutch will add that perfect touch to your outfit!

– Add a bit of sparkle.
Maybe you’re wearing a simple, yet elegant dress, but just want to add a tinge of glamour to your outfit, but don’t want to over do it? You want to make an impression, but don’t want to be the only one people are staring at? Why not try a dazzling crystal clutch bag. Made from a gorgeous metal frame and covered in crystals, you’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd.

– The cherry on top.
Is your outfit looking great, but you want to add something a bit special? Why not go with one of our glitter infused acrylic clutches? Subtle yet so ON TREND, these gorgeous clutches are great and so versatile. Clutch them in your hand or hang them by your side, your belongings will be safe and looking fine!

Want to look very trendy whilst looking super classy? Why not try the Classic Transparent designer clutch. These clutches are all the craze right now, super classy. Bare all your hidden secrets, or opt for the gold pocket insert, to keep them guessing!

Shop all of these gorgeous designs & styles right now at
Niclaire xx