Our new Glam Collection has finally arrived! 25/7/13

Handbags, totes, evening clutches, shopping totes, shoulder bags, embossed leather handbags & so much more! It’s all part of our new collection. Dazzling glitter coated clutch bags and metallic leather handbags are the first things people notice in our new collection, but thats only the beginning!

Bringing you gorgeous silhouettes, runway trends & the HOTTEST trend right now, the Transparent Acrylic Clutch. Straight from the red carpet, to your computer screens, this gorgeous timeless design can be yours for under $80 at http://www.niclaire.com.au ! Our new evening clutch bags are something special in our latest collection. Acrylic hard case clutches, that come with a gold zip up purse insert, so you decide how much you wanna bear on your night out! They also all come with a long gold chain, incase you want your hands free while you dance the night away. Whether you’re looking for a sassy satin clutch design for an elegant event, a fun glitter coated dazzling clutch, that will catch peoples eyes, or something sweet with just the right amount of crystals, we have it all as part of our fresh new collection.

Our classic lush leather handbags of this collection are also a favourite! A few of our Metallic leather shopping totes, and classic leather handbags have already been picked up as part of a TV special this August! All of these bags are made from high quality leather & durable hardware. These gorgeous leather handbags will complete your outfit but also be with you for years to come. All handbags, totes, shoulder bags and cross body bags are designed with just the right amount of pockets & straps so you can get the most out of your favourite handbag this winter. Almost all of our handbags come with more than one strap so these styles are highly fashionable and highly versatile!

One of our best sellers, ALSO available at http://www.theiconic.com.au is the Metallic Leather Shopping tote. A large leather, simplistic, yet classically designed handbag that is pretty much a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Available in Burgundy, Blue, Gold and of course Black.

Shop the whole new collection, right now, right here! And why not tell us what you think of these delicious leather handbags & cute clutch bags? Follow us on instagram @niclairefashion, visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/niclaireaustralia or shoot us an email at info@niclaire.com.au ! Enjoy and have a wonderful day, The Team at Niclaire Xxx


Celebrity Style


Every girl loves a bit of celeb style! Some celebs become known for their horrible wardrobe choices and hideous handbags, but others become style icons & brand ambassadors. Today we look at how you can get celebrity style handbags, clutch bags & shoulder bags all at Niclaire. Shop our handbags online and score yourself a beautiful handbag, with the latest style, made from high quality materials and at a affordable price!

Whether you’re looking for a fresh new handbag, shoulder bag, leather tote bag, or a glamourous evening clutch bag, we have it all at Niclaire.com.au

– Get the Khloe Kardashian look with the fun & gorgeous Niclaire Leather Safari Clutch. This beautiful clutch, can be used to accompany a smoking’ dress as an evening bag, or attach the long strap, and use it as a cross body clutch bag.

– Get the Blake Lively Look with our Leather Doctor Tote in Tan. This tote bag is the perfect size for everyday. Huge to throw all of your essentials in, and it comes with a long cross body strap, in case you need a little extra support! Get the vintage inspired look with this gorgeous handbag.

– Get the Sarah Jessica Parker look with the Niclaire Embossed Leather Summer Sun Tote in Black! A great all rounder tote bag. High quality leather shoulder bag, that will go with almost anything in your wardrobe! – Or if you’re feeling a little more daring, also get the SJP look with the Sophisticated Sophie Handbag in Pink! Sometimes you just need a little colour in your outfit, and this stunning & classy shoulder bag will do just the trick.

– Get the Alessandra Ambrosio look with our gorgeous evening clutch bag, the ‘Union Jack Crystal Baby Clutch’. This stunner with bring a little glamour to your evening outfit and be sure to make a statement. This evening clutch bag is one of our best sellers, and you can see why!

– Get the Victoria Beckham look with the Niclaire Meet Me In Paris Leather Handbag. A casual yet classy handbag. Shoulder bag or cross body bag, you choose! Just attach the extra strap for extra comfort! A gorgeous mix of suede and leather.

Thats it for today! If you want the celeb style, take a look around our website, and bag yourself a beauty now! 😉




Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia has officially kicked off, and we are loving every single minute of it. Seeing what fashions are hot right this minute, and trending around Australia. Its one thing to see gorgeous leather handbags, colourful tote bags & evening clutch bags to die for, swoop down the runway, but its also very interesting and insightful to check out the street fashion of this years MBFWA. Check it all out yourself on http://www.vogue.com.au

We are seeing handbags, shoes and accessories being used as such a big important part of outfits. Whether its a deliberate clashing patterned leather backpack, a soft dark leather handbag to add a touch of color, or the most stunning pair of leather high heels you’ve ever seen, accessories are definitely a statement to make!

A few things we noticed in the street style..

The classic, all class, no fuss, black leather handbag. Jet black, high quality leather, a classic and sophisticated handbag that will always be around, and stay in your wardrobe for years, becoming a staple that will never go out of fashion. We saw tons of these, a simple yet elegant touch to an outfit, that makes it look that much more expensive. Tote bags, handbags, shoulder bags, leather backpacks, and cross body bags, you name it…black is always back.

Also.. a current trend we’ve seen popping up pretty often lately, is leather metallics. Metallic leather handbags, or evening clutch bags, that accent a whole outfit. Tote bags, handbags, leather backpacks, shoulder bags, all popping up in deep metallics and shiny silvers.

Then there’s the transparent trend. Hard case perspex clutches and casual soft leather transparent handbags. So you can literally see into a woman’s world. Theres no hiding the mess and mass of what every girl has in her handbag in one of these babies. Showing up in multiple different leathers and styles, soft leather transparent handbags are definitely hot right now.

So there it is…thats our wrap of what we loved & saw from this years street style. And of course like always, you too, can have just that with Niclaire leather handbags and clutches. Just shop our huge handbag selection now. Evening clutches, deep leather handbags, sassy high heels & wardrobe essentials…shop them all right here at http://www.niclaire.com.au

Images: Care of http://www.vogue.com.au

Transparent Clutches!

Handbags, clutch bags, fashion bags are literally everywhere. All over the web, on fashion sites everywhere, leather handbags, faux leather handbags, handbags that will last and handbags that will serve their purpose for that one special night.

At niclaire we know a girl can never have too many handbags. Some come and go and some will last a lifetime. With fashion changing before our eyes everyday, a woman’s love of handbags will never die or dull. There may be thousands of handbags out there but there is a few things that we can guarantee you at Niclaire and that is classic style and quality. Leather handbags & classic evening clutches with timeless designs made from the highest quality materials. We create classics that you’ll love for a lifetime.

Famous for our glamorous hard case clutch bags and stunning genuine leather handbags that will stay with you throughout the years. We are very excited to be able to introduce our newest editions to the Niclaire family in just a few weeks…

Fashionista’s around the globe are raving about the new transparent clutch bag craze, and we at Niclaire are so excited to bring you our very own take on the transparent hard case clutch trend.

Classic silhouettes, glamorous gold frames, tinted acrylic, and traffic stopping designs. A guaranteed fashion favorite that screams “class and glamour”. These gorgeous clutch bags will make you stand out in a crowd and possibly even clean up your handbag habits! You’ll be able to see straight into your world, rocking a Niclaire clutch bag and showing off your latest Chanel lipstick and liner all at the same time.

So keep a close eye out, these beauties aren’t far away at all!